Hi there!

Hello, welcome to my web page! I appreciate that you're here.

This webpage will now and forever be under construction.
Note: this website is not made with mobile phones in mind.


2023-09-11: Yesterday I watched the 1979 Disney movie The Black Hole, and wrote a thing or two about it.

2023-08-06: An RSS feed has been added! Now you can read the ramblings in your favorite RSS reader! Hopefully! I've never done this before!

2023-07-26: New ramble? So Soon? Well, I figured the internet didn't have enough people spouting their takes about social media, so I thought I'd help.

2023-07-18: New Ramble: Densha de ChicaGO! C'mon N' Ride It (The Train).

2023-06-04: New ...thing: Is there time for Klax? It'll be here before you know it!

2023-05-21: New ramble: 48 Hours in the Twin Cities, in which we go from the Lone Star State to the Star of the North.

2023-04-30: New ramble: My 2023 Eurovision Picks! Douze points to you if you read the whole thing.

2023-04-02: New ramble: Last weekend I went to the Texas Pinball Festival 2023! No spoilers, but I might have played some pinball.

Also, have you seen any 403 issues lately? It's apparently an issue affecting large swaths of Neocities pages. Hopefully they can fix things soon enough!

2023-03-08: New ramble: 🎹 🎶🎶 Just Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf.

2023-02-26: New ramble: I Got Back Into Reading Comics. Make sure to wash your hands after reading, and keep a safe distance!

2023-02-08: Hey! If you happen to like my site and you'd like to link back to it, I've made two little buttons you can use!


2023-02-03: New ramble: Whatever it Takes. Well, maybe not so much of a ramble, more of a "here's a silly little toy I made".

2023-01-29: Polaroids! I love 'em. Maybe you do too? Check 'em out!
Also, did you know the MIDIs work on a mobile version of the site? I really wouldn't suggest you visit here on mobile, it looks a little clunky. But the MIDIs work, which was a major surprise to me.

2023-01-24: Added random quote on refresh. I've had this on a bunch of my previous blogs/websites, and this one will be no different.

2023-01-21: A new sidebar picture! Stare at it long enough and something fun might happen. Mouse over it and something fun will definitely happen.

2023-01-15: The MIDIs are up!!!!

2023-01-14: Not site related, I'm just halfway through FFXIV: Heavensward and had a pretty funny bug situation. Without going into spoilers, my WoL decided to not load in a pivotal cutscene. Weird, funny, and tragic all at the same time.

2023-01-12: Currently uploading some MIDIs. The playback aspect is a little easier said than done. The modern web isn't particularly MIDI friendly. Also need to think about soundfonts.
While I'm thinking about things, I'm mulling over repositioning certain things. The layout is still in flux.

2023-01-10: I've been working on the links, the About Me page, as well as my little shout into the uncaring internet void: Back it Up!

2023-01-08: I've got my website up and running!
I owe sadgrl.online a great deal of gratitude for providing the layout for this page, and for such well documented code. I was able to fall back into HTML and CSS fairly easily.
Thank you Sadness!