Whatever it Takes: A Degrassi The Next Generation Plot Generator

Somewhere in the middle of the pandemic, I began watching Degrassi: The Next Generation with my sister over Discord. She loved the show growing up and I remember her sitting in front of the TV for hours at a time during summer break. Despite being the same age as the kids on the show, I never watched it. Teen dramas are very much not my thing.

Anyway, I began watching the show ironically (first season), then began watching it genuinely (seasons 2-7), and finally ended with hate-watching (season 8 onwards).

(In case you were wondering: Fuck Spinner, marry Jay, kill Peter)

Fast forward again to very late January/early February 2023, when an ice storm has covered every road in North Texas with a thick sheen of ice, making driving too hazardous to bother. I've been working at home this week and during my downtime I started farting around with Javascript. To test my newfound knowledge, I wrote a Degrassi Plot Generator:

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